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Thursday, July 23, 2015

New OTP system of Indian visa website

Now the Etoken Taking system is modified. The server admin added a new secure OTP (One Time Password) system. It is a red signal to the automatic Etoken taking system. The new system is easy, but some worker can't realize it properly. For them, we add this tutorial.
Let's see this.

On the "Indian visa site home page" , they added a new button named " Get Appointment". This button was under "Print register application" but they move that button to the home page.

 They modify their human validation system. The Admin removed the Access code system and add a security question technology . The security question is in an image and the question answer is required to be composed along in the answer field. If you can't recognize the question, You can change it by pressing the reload button. The OTP can be generated 3 times per day for a file and its validity is 05 minutes. You can login once with an OTP. After generating the OTP you can submit it. By submitting it and the other information, a page will come which look like the reprint page. You will ask to fill up 1. Indian mission name 2. File Number (Application ID) 3. Date of Birth 4. Passport Number 4. Answer of the security question. After filling that information you will need to submit.  After submitting that, a page will come with a date. Then you can choose your date and affirm. :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

How to use Imacros Add-on on Indian visa work Video tutorial

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iMacros is an add-on which lets you to enter and fillup the form same as recorded. It too produces a macro file that can be used anytime for filling up the frame. This add-on makes our works easier. We can use imacros add-on on the Indian visa to make temporary file easily. It is likewise difficult to fill up a hole form step by step every time. Only if we use imacros add-on, we no need to fill it up every time. Just active record button and fill up your physique. After filling up your form, stop recording. Imacos will record your activity on the form page and produce a macro file. And so when you fail to create a second same form, you simply need to double click on the macro file. Then the system will automatically fill up all the information.

But on Indian visa work, you have to edit the macro. Right click on the macro file and click on edit macro. Then a window will appear. On there all of your action will be presented. Notice , top of the code you can find tab and under of the tabline url code can be viewed. We no need to remember Firefox tab and url because of India visa work it will not operate right. So delete that 3 lines and press save and close. Now rename your macro file for detecting it easily.

You have to create 2 macro file for each person's temporary id. On the first page an access code is needed, which is varied randomly. Then we can't cover it with macros. Fill up the information on the first page without an access code and create a macro file. And so for the next 3 pages, create another. At once we are ready for creating new one.

Now go to the Indian visa site. Click on online visa application. Then for first page double click on the macro file which is created for the first page. Now fill up the access code. Then click continue. On the next page double click over the macro file which is named for three pages. The arrangement will fill up next three page information quickly.
By this manner you can make a temporary file easily.
So lets see the tutorial :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa for beginners

Multifox is an add-on for Mojila Firefox. This add-on is made for creating different profiles included different id. You can utilize two or three accounts of a website using it. Generally, browser doesn't let you to use two or more IDs at a time, but multifox add-on makes it more comfortable. Actually its a neat work of developer.

This tutorial is recommended for beginners. On here How to use multifox add-on on Indian visa is shown. By viewing this tutorial it will be very easy for you to work with many temporary file.

So lets see the Tutorial.

How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa, despite what many might think, How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa is well known across hundreds of nations all over the world. How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa has been around for several centuries and has a very important meaning in the lives of many. It would be safe to assume that How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa is going to be around for a long time and have an enormous impact on the lives of many people.

Social & Cultural Factors

How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa has a large role in Culture. Many people can often be seen taking part in activities associated with How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa. This is partly because people of most ages can be involved and families are brought together by this. Generally a person who displays their dislike for How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa may be considered an outcast.

Economic Factors

It is not common practice to associate economics with How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa. Generally, How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa would be thought to have no effect on our economic situation, but there are in fact some effects. The sales industry associated with How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa is actually a 1.3 billion dollar a year industry and growing each year. The industry employs nearly 150,000 people in the United States alone. It would be safe to say that How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa play an important role in American economics and shouldn't be taken for granted.

Environmental Factors

After a three month long research project, I've been able to conclude that How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa doesn't negatively effect the environment at all. A How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa did not seem to result in waste products and couldn't be found in forests, jungles, rivers, lakes, oceans, etc... In fact, How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa produced some positive effects on our sweet little nature.

Political Factors

Oh does How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa ever influence politics. Last year 5 candidates running for some sort of position used How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa as the primary topic of their campaign. A person might think How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa would be a bad topic to lead a campaign with, but in fact with the social and environmental impact is has, this topic was able to gain a great number of followers. These 5 candidates went 4 for 5 on winning their positions.


How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa seem to be a much more important idea that most give credit for. Next time you see or think of How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa, think about what you just read and realize what is really going on. It is likely you under valued How to use Multifox Add-on on Indian Visa before, but will now start to give the credited needed and deserved.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to fill up India visa form with iMacros On Firefox

Hello viewers,
Now I will show you how to fill up a form using "iMacros for Firefox" Add-on.

At first you need to install iMacros add-on for Firefox. You can Add this add-on from here. Now restart your browser.

If you want to use it for an Indian visa appointment date, you have to stop redirecting or opening website. To stop it, you need to edit the macro.

At first, we record a Macro. Open the form page and press the record button from record tab. Now the macro starts recording. By now all of your activity will be recorded on this form page. Now manually enter all of the information on this page. You can use copy paste. Notice that, all of your writing is detected. After filling the form  stop recording. Now rename the macro file with your words for detecting it easily.

Now you need to edit macro because the Imacros also record tab and the url. We no need to record url. For preventing this, right click on the macro file and click on edit macro.

Notice Under this code, you can find two lines.
That's two lines are like this.
 TAB T=1  
Select that's two lines and delete it.
Now remember this form page. You can rename the macro file with the form page and client name. When you enter the blank form page, just double click on the macro file then the system will automatically fill-up all the information.

That's  it.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Etoken JOB Bangladesh Added a forum Site for India Visa Etoken workers


We added a new forum site for Indian visa worker. You can ask or answer questions here. No need any registration process. Just enter your name, Subject and your message, then enter the access code and post messages.

If you want to answer any question Just  Open the post and click on the reply button Then Post your reply.

Share your Ideas and tricks here.

Our Team will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

Keep visiting for finding new tricks and ideas.

Thank You.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

India Visa Etoken Temporary Tutorial A to Z

The final Temp tutorial is reached. Now getting Appointment of India visa is too hard. But if know the trick you can easily find the appointment date. Ok, this time to show you the final temp tutorial. Mainly this tutorial is made for our worker. Our company has many workers and we are looking for more. We are trusted and we checkout the credit via Bkash.

I used some add-on on this tutorial. You can easily find that add-on on google by searching Add-on Title. Or you can install required add-on from here. Install those add-on from below.

1. Reload Every
2. Toggle Javascript
3. Phoenix Editor
4. MultiFox
5. Fill Form
6. iMacros for Firefox

After install these add-on you are ready for second step. See the Tutorial.

For working with temporary file you need a Java script code. This Java script code enables you to bring out the confirm appointment button before the visa time. Get the source code here.

<td width="115" valign="middle" align="left"><div align="right"><font size="3" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><font color="#990000"><strong>Select &nbsp;Date</strong></font></font>
<td width="99" valign="middle" align="right"><div align="left"><font size="3" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><font color="#990000">
<select size="1" name="DATE">
<option value="">Select</option>
null<option title="17/06/2015" value="17/06/2015" 17=""06="2015"> 17/06/2015</option>
<td width="163"><div align="right">
<input type="submit" value="Confirm The Appointment" class="Login Button2" name="SAVE">
<td colspan="2"></td>

Use Phoenix Editor for Editing HTML on webpage.

We need some Expert worker. After viewing this tutorial you are able to get an appointment date of India visa. If you are searching for a trusted work provider, you can contact US.

Thank You.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How to create multiple Temporary file easily

Hello Viewers,

By this tutorial, you are able to create multiple temporary ID from once. Just Follow the rules and do the job. You need to install an add-on named fillform which is described in the previous tutorial. If you like our videos, Please subscribe our YouTube channel. We update our videos with new ideas and tricks in every week.

Okay, Let's see the tutorial.

Recognize the work perfectly then Contact US.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Automatic Fill Form Tutorial for Indian Visa Etoken Work

Fill Form Tutorial , Indian Visa Online , Etoken Work Bangladesh
Fill Form Addon Firefox

This Tutorial Shows you How to fill up Indian Visa Reprint form Automatically. It is so boring to fill up the form Everytime. In this tutorial I have used Fill Form Add-on 1.2.10 in Firefox. This tutorial makes your work easier than before. Let's See The Tutorial.

Looking for a File Number of India Visa online? We provide you the file. We need some expert worker for our company. We have a huge of the file. If you know how to get an appointment date from India visa online, Contact US. Skype: "skmirajbn"