Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to fill up India visa form with iMacros On Firefox

Hello viewers,
Now I will show you how to fill up a form using "iMacros for Firefox" Add-on.

At first you need to install iMacros add-on for Firefox. You can Add this add-on from here. Now restart your browser.

If you want to use it for an Indian visa appointment date, you have to stop redirecting or opening website. To stop it, you need to edit the macro.

At first, we record a Macro. Open the form page and press the record button from record tab. Now the macro starts recording. By now all of your activity will be recorded on this form page. Now manually enter all of the information on this page. You can use copy paste. Notice that, all of your writing is detected. After filling the form  stop recording. Now rename the macro file with your words for detecting it easily.

Now you need to edit macro because the Imacros also record tab and the url. We no need to record url. For preventing this, right click on the macro file and click on edit macro.

Notice Under this code, you can find two lines.
That's two lines are like this.
 TAB T=1  
Select that's two lines and delete it.
Now remember this form page. You can rename the macro file with the form page and client name. When you enter the blank form page, just double click on the macro file then the system will automatically fill-up all the information.

That's  it.

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